Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Moving Forwards

Wow. A lot has happened in the last several weeks. On the employment front, things looked pretty treacherous for a bit. I had been interviewing for a few promising jobs and had great hopes, but like so many times before, those hopes didn’t come to fruition. I was still waiting to hear on one last possibility when I received a great offer to join the company I had been contracting to, on a full time basis. One little thing, though. It meant I would need to relocate to Massachusetts.
The scenario was not completely out of the blue. I’ve had a long relationship with this organization, having worked with them in the past. The possibility of relocation has come up before, a few times, in a few different scenarios, but the timing was never right for a variety of reasons. But I had indicated that I would be ready to have the conversation again. I want to make it clear, the reason was not because I didn’t think I would have any other job opportunities. I had enough interviews, and second and third interviews, to know that even while it was taking longer than I ever hoped, eventually I would land a great job.
It wasn’t an easy decision to come to. I have lived within a 25 mile radius my whole life. My friends are here, my parents are here, the rest of my immediate family is either here or, at the farthest, a couple of states away. I’ve never lived in a cold weather climate, never driven in the snow, and never experienced what I believe people refer to as “winter.” The thought of it kind of freaks me out. And, honestly, I’m not a risk taker. I think I’m brave enough when faced with challenges, but I like my comforts and I don’t really go out seeking new and unfamiliar experiences.
But somewhere deep in my heart, even though I didn’t even really know it, I was craving adventure. A real shake of the kaleidoscope, a true opportunity to do something completely different and see what comes next. And I spent a lot of time visiting the east coast for many years, and I loved it, especially the history that is all around you. Now I’m going to live in one of the most historical areas in America. How cool is that?
Am I scared? Completely! But, I’m not petrified. I’m moving forwards, in spite of my fear, and my excitement is building.
The logistics of all of this are staggering, at least to me. I’ve put my house on the market. As soon as it sells, I’ll have to make a fairly quick trip to MA to find a place to live. I’ve decided to rent for about a year while I get my sea legs, and then hopefully buy next year. I’m unfamiliar with the area, I’ve only visited it once, but I’ve been doing a lot of internet research and have targeted areas, fairly close to the company, that I might find a place to roost. Although I don’t have relocation assistance, I am lucky in that I have kind coworkers who are happy to render advice and counsel.
Once I find a place, the train will really be streaming down the tracks. I’ll come home, call the movers, arrange for Daisy’s transportation and be on my way. Timing is going to be everything; coordinating movers, dog, and job is going to be one of the biggest projects I’ve ever managed, but luckily I’m uber organized and trying to set up as much in advance as I can.
While I’m not required to be in Massachusetts until January 1, my hope/goal is to get there before December. I want a chance to acclimate before the worst of winter hits, and the truth is, now that the decision has been made, I’m eager to get going! I’ve bought a new warm winter coat, and some long underwear, what more do I need?
I’m going to miss my local loved ones like hell, the thought of it is enough to make me weep copiously. I could not have survived the last couple of years without their love, concern and support. But it’s easy to stay connected when you really want to, with phones and Skype and smoke signals and all that jazz. And I plan to have a guest room, there have been assurances of visits and I’ve already started a campaign to get the Bestie to move too (kidding, not kidding). If only!
I expect there will be some challenging, and perhaps even lonely, times ahead, as I adjust to all of this change and make a new life. But let’s face it, the last two years have been filled with nothing but challenges, and here I stand, a little bruised but unbowed. Sure I faltered occasionally, but I’m human. I remain the same hopeful, dewey eyed optimist I’ve always been, and I know good things are going to happen. Like I said, I can’t wait to see what happens next!
The end, for now