Monthly Archives: November, 2017

The Second Year

Tomorrow marks my two year Massiversary. It’s weird! The last week or so has been stacked with memories, like “two years ago today I moved out of my house,” or “two years ago today I ended up in the hospital with an ulcer.” That, by the way, is something I try not to forget, in my ardent attempt to never have it happen again. It came completely without warning, the week of my move, and was dramatic and scary as hell and painful. And of course, stress was a major contributor, so my constant goal is to do a better job of managing that so that my body doesn’t attack me again.
I haven’t written much this year. The truth is, this year has been stressful. I think more stressful than last year, where everything had the tinge of excitement and newness providing a shiny glow. Even buying the house and moving into the house, while hard, was exciting. I felt proud of my accomplishments; I had actually moved across the country by myself and established a new life. I had done it! But what happens next?
2017 has sort of been a “take no prisoners” kind of year. My job changed drastically. A new boss, extreme pressure from customers and business partners, increased travel. Working with people across the globe, the workplace has become a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week venture. I need to do a much better job of balancing it, and making sure I’m taking the time to better round out my life.
I’ve also struggled with illness this year. First the whole mono-strep thing that took me down this winter. Then a terrible flu this summer that knocked me out for a few weeks, and then an awful cold over Labor Day. All while trying to work and not miss a step. Challenging!
And, my house seems mad at me, even though I spent all of my tax return pennies on sprucing it up! Not only were the yellow shutters and doors replaced with a more traditional black and red combo, I also had someone rebuild the fence that was a real eyesore on the property. Plus the sun porch got painted. Not furnished yet, that tax return could only support so much.
In spite of this pampering, the house fought back. Who can forget the “trapped in the closet” incident, where the doorknob came off in my hand as I shut the door behind me? Or the mysterious flood in the basement? Or the huge tree limb that just came crashing down? What the hell?
And then, there’s Muggins. Let’s be clear. I love him. But it has been rough, and for the first couple of months, I wasn’t sure it was going to work out. You see, he terrorizes my sweet Daisy Petals, who at the ripe age of 14 really just wants to be left in peace. I really believe Muggins is trying to engage her in play, but his version of play is to body slam Daisy, while biting her. They can’t be left together. I feel tremendous guilt over this, because Daisy deserves to have a peaceful life. I even tried to send Muggs to a good friend’s farm in the early days. I’m glad that didn’t work out, but if I had to go back in time, I’m not sure I would adopt a kitten at this stage again.
So, it’s all grim, right? No, of course not! This is why I haven’t written much lately, I truly don’t like to complain, and basically life is good. My job is hard, but thank the Lord I have one, and it’s a good one too. Not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate the blessing of employment. And I’m healthy today, another blessing. And even though as I write this, Muggins is attacking my ankles, he makes me laugh every day, and snuggling with him as he purrs with love is a great joy.
Hopefully my house and I are in a stage of détente, and it won’t pull any more little tricks on me for a month or two. And, it’s my two year Massiversary, something to be acknowledged and celebrated. I love it here, my mischievous house, my devilish kitten and sweet old dog, my job, my friends, the beauty of New England. My life. Happy Massiversary, to me.
The end, for now