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Queen Daisy

From The Urban Dictionary:
queen daisy
1) A queen amongst queens; an outstanding queen in every aspect
2) A graceful queen who knows what she wants;
3) Exceedingly elegant; a humble queen endowed with God’s supernatural beauty

It’s been just over two months since my sweet little Louie died, and I still miss him very much. It feels like the house is a bit empty. I still occasionally call his name by accident and almost by rote, go outside in the late evening and stare up at the stars, which is something I did every night for years while Louie took his final nightly constitutional.
If my life circumstances were a bit more settled, it’s likely I would have already adopted a new dog by now. Not as a replacement for Louie, he can never be replaced, but more because I feel a little hole in my heart that needs filling. Plus, I am puppy obsessed, and as destructive and expensive and troublesome as new puppies are, that’s the kind of trouble I would happily welcome in my life right now.
I just watched this year’s Westminster Show, my version of the Superbowl, and fell in love with virtually every single breed. Well, maybe not the poodle, with those funky pom poms on their hind quarters, although I understand poodles are great dogs and incredibly smart. But almost every other breed, from the wee Chihuahua through the challenging terriers to the larger working dogs. Loved the dachshunds, of course. My favorite dog of the show was the huge Grey Italian Mastiff. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this drooly giant is the same kind of dog as Fang, Hagrid’s loyal companion.
As much as I might long for, and welcome, an addition to the house, I’m pretty sure Daisy Petals is completely indifferent to the idea. I had been concerned about how she would react to Louie’s death. That concern was unfounded, to say the least. I mean, now I’m concerned that my sweet precious Petals is actually a heartless bitch! Not only has she not demonstrated any kind of sadness over the loss of her lifelong companion, there is mounting evidence that she may have simply been biding her time all these years, just waiting for the day when she could assume her rightly role as Queen Daisy.
Daisy has always been an extremely well behaved and mellow dog. For ten years, she slept every night in her crate, going up to ten hours without a peep. She was an indifferent, if slightly picky and delicate eater, who frequently had to be coaxed to eat. She was quite independent, although she always enjoyed attention and affection, as do we all.
Since Louie died, she hasn’t slept a night in her crate. She is firmly entrenched on the bed with me, taking up more than her fair share of space. She demands to be fed breakfast earlier than I want to wake, and begins reminding me about dinner about an hour before I think dinner should be served. She chows down with great gusto, and when finished looks intently in her bowl in case a second helping might magically appear. This from a dog I used to have to hand feed in order to eat about a 1/3 of her measured meal. And finally, while her favorite place to roost during the day is on top of the couch, Snoopy style, she now barks and cries for me to come get her down, instead of jumping nimbly down herself. I don’t mind at all, but on the fifth or sixth round in an hour, I may have been known to suggest if you can’t get down, you shouldn’t get up!
I worried that perhaps these behavior changes were a sign of lack of the stimulation she used to get from her romps with Louie, so we are now taking regular walks, good for both of us. The first few times, she was confused and not overly pleased; with a large backyard, we have never done a lot of leash walking. Now she will walk agreeably enough, sniffing every tree, but the only real pleasure she shows is when we encounter another human to shower her with the adoration she so duly deserves.
So, I’m not so sure Daisy is going to welcome a new dog into the household whenever that day comes. I can’t imagine she will be hostile, but any person, place or thing that detracts attention from her is not likely to be met with great favor. But me, I have more than enough love in my heart to share the wealth. The Queen shall not lose her throne, even if and when a new jester comes to town.
The end, for now