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A Weird Couple of Weeks

It’s been a sort of weird couple of weeks. A week ago I was flying home from a whirlwind trip to Prague. Three days ago I was in a small room attended by a technician and a surgeon, having a breast biopsy. Now, let me cut to the chase immediately and tell you that late this afternoon I got the all clear call, everything’s good. But still, sort of a lot.
Let’s start with Prague. I’ll confess to being a geographic ignoramus and tell you that when I first heard about the opportunity to be part of a small team presenting at a conference in Prague, I had to look it up. Had no idea where it was (in the Czech Republic, just in case you share my ignorance). I knew nothing about it at all. And I wasn’t overly excited about going. I was just leaving for a trip to Cluj Romania to visit our teams there. It’s always great to see the people, but it’s a hard trip. We are only on the ground for four days, so by the time you finally start to acclimate; it’s time to go home. I get tired just thinking about it.
But once I agreed to make the trip, I started reading about Prague. I watched Rick Steves’ Visits Prague about 4 times. Suddenly half the people I talked to had either been to Prague and it was one of their most favorite places, or it was on their bucket list. And you know what? They were all 100% spot on!
Prague is a beautiful, historic, charming city. I loved it! We had a rare chance to take a private tour our last afternoon after the conference ended. In a half day, we saw Prague Castle, which is really a complex of ancient buildings and churches; we saw the old Jewish Quarter, the Astronomical Clock, The Charles Bridge, and the Old Town Square. Our guide was great, full of information about history, and funny enough to keep the lectures lively. It was a magical experience, and I was very aware of how fortunate I was to have that opportunity.
In the back of my mind, though, that biopsy loomed. I honestly didn’t dwell, but it was there. There had been a small spot identified on my annual mammogram. I got the follow up call that you really never want to get, but figured the second test would rule anything out. It didn’t. So the biopsy was scheduled, intentionally, after I returned from the trip.
I’ve had a lot of, well, let’s just call it what it is, health shit, in my days. Lots and lots and lots, more than you would think. And I continue to deal with various issues. So, I don’t panic. There have been many tests in my life, and most of them, everything has been okay. And if it isn’t, I deal. For some reason I felt fairly confident that this was going to be okay too. So I just went about my business. Until Tuesday night, the night before the test, when I snapped at the nice customer rep from Xfinity. And then when I got off the phone, I cried. And I realized maybe I was a little more worried than I was admitting.
Wednesday morning went very slowly until it was time for my appointment. But finally I was called in, screened and brought to that small room for an ultrasound guided biopsy. For some reason, I had a hard time numbing up, they had to use extra lidocaine or Novocain or whatever they use, and the doctor commented that I was sensitive. And my immediate response was to apologize. In retrospect, I am seriously irked at myself, that my reflex was to say “I’m sorry, I try to be tough.” But the doctor said something kind of beautiful. She said “well, if you weren’t sensitive enough to feel, there wouldn’t be anything to be tough about.”
I think she may have been right. So that’s my last two weeks. I’m healthy, I’ve seen beautiful things. I’ve been supported by loving people who, to my great joy, love me. I learned a life lesson. Not bad for a weird couple of weeks.
The end, for now