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The End, For Now

About a year ago, a few weeks after I had received notice of my layoff, I set a goal of writing and posting a blog once a week. And I exceeded that goal, having posted 58 times since June 1, 2013. I’ve written (a lot!) about being unemployed, about the job hunting process, about getting my taxes done, my hair cut, and anything else that has come to mind. Some weeks, the blog almost wrote itself. Other weeks were harder, especially if I was struggling in life, it became difficult to decide how much to share. One of my goals with the blog, as in life, was to try to stay as positive as possible, even during the challenging times.
My blog has been viewed 2,333 times. The average views for any single post was about 35. Every like on Facebook has meant so much to me. Every comment has been a gift. I have so much appreciation for each person that took the time to read what I had to say. In a year that has included so many disappointments and stalls, those comments, especially from people who were regular readers and champions, were a beacon of light to me, a sign that perhaps I still have something to offer that is worthwhile. I cannot express how much I needed that. I’ll never forget that support.
It’s been very interesting to me what posts resonated with people. By far the largest readership I ever attained was with The Eye of the Beholder. That post got numerous shares, even to people I didn’t know, and had a total of 264 views. That was especially meaningful to me, since the subject is something I feel very strongly about.
One of my favorite posts was 40 Days of Christmas, which covered my obsession for schmaltzy Lifetime holiday movies. I also had a lot of fun writing A Taxing Tale. Other posts were more emotional to write, like Who Am I. I cried as I wrote that, and have cried rereading it too. Maybe I’m just a big crybaby, though, I also cried at a baby food commercial last night.
The last few weeks, I have struggled to find something to write about. Partly because my life feels a bit stalled lately. There hasn’t been a nibble on an interview for about a month, and it’s scary as hell. Partly, because I’ve been working as a contractor from my home. I’m now working 35 hours a week doing regulatory research. And as grateful and thrilled as I am to have the work, and as many advantages to working from home as there are, like setting your own schedule and wearing pajamas to work, by the time I hit that 35th hour of the week of staring at small type without talking to another soul, my eyes are tired and I can’t wait to power down the computer and actually go do something. Preferably with other human type folks!
I want my writing, whether it be heartfelt or hilarious, to mean something. When I wrote last week about watching old movies, I knew it wasn’t my best effort. Even I wasn’t that interested in what I had to say. And as a certain BFF said, sometimes, less is more. So, I’ve decided to release myself from my once a week goal. I met it, and I’m proud of that, but going forward, I’m going to write when I have something to say, not just to meet my self-imposed deadline.
That doesn’t mean I’m done with this blog, not at all. If something interesting, or scary, or funny, or worth writing about, happens tomorrow, or in an hour, or 3 weeks from now, I’m going to write about it and post it. And I’m going to devote more time to another writing project that I’m working on with a partner, that is important to me, but I haven’t made a priority. It’s time for that project to go higher on the to-do list.
Thanks to all of you who have shared my journey so far. As anxious as I am to see what happens next, it’s a great comfort to know I won’t be on it alone. So when I turn that next corner, or fall down that next flight of stairs, or get my next job, or ticket, or haircut, or madcap idea, I’ll be sure to share it with you. Until then…
The end, for now