Libby and Lauren Go Glamping, OR, A Tale of Two Texters

 Libby: Henry and Jay R getting married!

Lauren: Really?  Did I miss a ruling?

Libby: No, they decided to go ahead with a commitment ceremony

Libby: A destination wedding!

Lauren: Hawaii? Provence Town? Palm Springs?

Libby: No, it’s awesome. We’re all going Glamping

Lauren: WTF?

Libby: Glamping! We R going 2 this awesome Glampground in Carmel, it’s like a spa with trees

Lauren: I don’t even understand what you are saying. I mean, I recognize some of the words, but they make no sense

Libby: Glamping is like glamorous camping. All the celebs are doing it. I think there was a very special Kardashian episode

Lauren: Kill me now

Libby: No, it’s going to be great. Everyone is coming!

Lauren: Everyone?

Libby: Yeah. Granny and Grumpa

Libby: Nana and Popster

Libby: Yaya and Wayne

Lauren: Anyone under 80?

Libby: Dad, Betsy, Cliff, Eleanor

Lauren: Am I the only one who thinks it weird that our father’s girlfriend’s ex-husband has become part of our tribe?

Lauren:  Anyone under 60?

Libby: Of course, Beeyatch. U R being a worm. It’s gonna be cool. Me and Kurt, the kids, Jason’s girlfriend, Eden’s Bff Kirsten

Libby: John and Melissa, their boys; Peter, Lu-Anne, the triplets; Susie and Dakota

Lauren: Fuck! Dakota is coming?

Libby: You need to get over that!

Lauren: K, who else?

Libby: Rick is going to come, but he doesn’t know if he’ll have the kids that weekend

Lauren: Our family is 2 large. Please don’t tell me we’re sharing tents

Libby: No…but, well, we might have to share privies

Lauren: Privies???

Libby: Yeah, you know, the loo. The head.

Lauren: What?

Libby: The bathroom, okay, we might have to share the bathroom.

Lauren: Well, why didn’t you just say so? Privy don’t make it any better!

Libby: K, gotta go, the light just turned green


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