I tend to be a bit late to the party when it comes to new things. For instance, I’m one of the few people I know who doesn’t have an iPad or even iPhone, I don’t know how to stream, and, heck, I’m still on AOL. I consider that just being a “traditionalist” but it has caused some people to point and laugh.
In the last week or so, I “discovered” Pinterest, which launched publically in 2011. Wow, this time I’m only 3 years behind! Anyway, I didn’t so much discover Pinterest as I was led there by two separate roads. First, my sister had suggested to me a couple of weeks ago that I might find it useful to look on the site and start collecting inspirational messages. She’s spiritual that way, and was trying to lead me out of a funk. It didn’t really resonate, partially because I am a pig headed fool, and partially because I was like, what is this Pinterest you speak of? I didn’t get it at all.
Then, my good friend and spirit guide, let’s call her “Sunshine,” started sending me pins. Virtual pins. Through email. On AOL. The first one she sent me was while I was sick, and it was a sexy doctor. I appreciated it very much. Then she sent some more, each one funnier than the last. It made me very happy, both the idea that someone was thinking about me and sending me funny things, and the pins themselves. So, I was like, perhaps I should look into this Pinterest.
So I went on the site, and at first, I still didn’t get it. What’s the deal, you just click on pictures and make virtual bulletin boards? Actually, yes. I started slow. Cute little animals. Huh. I don’t consider myself a very visual person, but who doesn’t like pictures of sweet little puppies? A baby lamb? A tiny little doe? Okay, I’m in. They’re adorable!
Next, I looked at food. Because, well, FOOD! Yum! And as I was basically looking at food porn, and pinning it to my board, oh yeah, suddenly I had two followers. No big surprise here, Sissy and Sunshine. And they started sending me more pins. I got a Jan Brady wearing the black wig pin from Sissy! Priceless! More pins from Sunshine, who is deceptively quite naughty and hilarious! Hey, I’m loving this pin thing! I started sending them pins back. Suddenly, pinning had become a sport and a pastime.
I created a board of things that made me smile. And a board for beautiful gardens. Then, it went hardcore. I created a board of vintage things, including the vintage travel posters I covet and can’t afford. And, speaking of things I can’t afford, I created a board of the places I dream of traveling to, starting with Alaska, Hawaii and Vancouver. That board will only continue to grow, there’s no end to my dreaming of future travels.
Like other social media, Pinterest can be a great entertainment, or it can be a time suck. Moderation in all things is best, and especially while I have too much time on my hands, I will have to be careful about not getting carried away. But, it has been a fun addition, allowing me to exercise my mind and imagination in new ways, and inspiring me to dream a little. I’ve also enjoyed seeing the collections my loved ones have created; it gives me a little extra insight into their heads and hearts. I’m even considering creating that inspiration board my Sissy recommended. See, even this old stubborn fool can learn a new trick or two, even if it is two years later than everyone else.
The end, for now

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