A Decade with Daisy

pretty princess

I’m not sure how I almost missed it, but I realized in the middle of the night that this week would mark the 10 year anniversary of the day my beautiful Daisy Petals came into my home. It’s especially surprising to think that I would forget this, because I actually got her on my birthday, the best present I ever bought myself!

I’ve written about Mr. Louie, and his wily, weird ways. It doesn’t make me love him any less. In fact, I embrace his oddities, they make him unique. But it is ironic that while my older dog is a timid stranger hater, Daisy is the friendliest dog I have ever known. Neighbors will bring their kids over to meet Daisy; she has cured many a child of canine phobia. She has never met a person she doesn’t like, and even people who don’t like dogs, like my dad, find Daisy’s winsome ways hard to resist.

Perhaps this has led to her slight reputation as being a slut! I think she’s just popular. All kidding aside, she is just the most loveable, sweet, good natured, snuggly soft dog in the world! If I am sad, she will sit next to me, with those gorgeous brown eyes, and radiate sympathy and support. If I am excited or happy about something, she will join in the celebration, with a wiggly joy, and happily roll on her back, so I can rub her belly. Hmmmm, maybe there’s some merit to that slut thing?

Like all of my dogs, past and present, Daisy P. is not without her quirks. While she may spend the day at my side, sitting on her little cushion in my home office or following me around, at night, as I sit on the couch with Louie glued to me, she sits under it. If I call her name, she will thump her tail a time or two to let me know she’s cool, but prefers to stay where she is. Until exactly 9:45, when virtually every night, she will come out from under the couch, give me the “it’s bedtime” look and go to the crate in her room (also known as the guest room, she doesn’t mind sharing). There she will wait until I go in and put her to bed. Yes, there may be a special song involved, but sometimes I think I reveal too much in these posts, don’t you?

Aside from wondering how Daisy can tell time, which I have never figured out, you may be wondering why I allow my perfect princess to sleep in a different room, in a crate no less. And I would reply, happily! For one thing, Daisy came to me crate trained and like I said, goes into her little crate voluntarily almost every night. On very rare occasions, she will decide she needs company, and instead of going into her room, she will make a stand at my bedroom door. On those nights, she sleeps with me.

But, I don’t enjoy it. It’s bad enough that Louie is in my bed but he slips under the covers and burrows at my feet, so it’s almost like he’s not there. Daisy has a presence! Somehow, I’ll end up in the morning scrooched over to one slim side of the bed, while this wee little dachshund has somehow transformed into a large beast, and is stretched from pillow to post. I’ve woken up with her foot on my face, or to the sound of that thumping tail, or the infamous, rub my tummy, back roll.

Daisy’s other weird habit has to do with food. For all that she is a plump little sausage, she is a delicate eater. She has to be coaxed into eating, while Louie wolfs down his bowl and haunts hers, snagging kibbles when he can. Daisy has to take the first several pieces of any meal she eats into another room. The first piece is abandoned (and happily scarfed by Louie). The next two pieces are eaten in privacy. At that point, she will reenter the kitchen and eat the rest from her bowl. It drives me crazy, because I have to guard her bowl from a crazed Louie as she does this dance. Every single day.

But I will put up with those little oddities without a second thought. The love and companionship I get from her has comforted me through many a hard time. She makes me smile and frequently makes me laugh too. I know she is a dog, but she is also in many ways a beloved friend. She has given me such happiness and I love her so dearly. Happy Anniversary, to my sweet, sweet, Daisy Petals!

The end, for now







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